Thursday, March 23, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - 23 March 2017 - A Day

It's the last A-Day of the quarter. Your grades are basically finalized. Please make sure if there's anything else to do that it is done tomorrow morning.

Advanced Russian:

Russian IV:  This weekend I want you to keep working through the reading of "Night Three" in White Nights. Complete sections 28, 29, and 30. From each section, find two sentences that are interesting to you in terms of the grammar and structure. We'll work through them together on Monday.

Russian III: Today in class you learned a bit about the word который and the myriad of ways it's used in Russian. To keep working on this new information, complete exercise eight. As you complete the exercise, fill in the blank with the proper form of который and then identify the referent for который. On Monday I will spend time to take you through the concept more thoroughly.

Russian II:  We have discussed today the usage of the double negative in Russian versus the single negative and also versus the construction in English. Keep in mind that the double negative in Russian is completely opposite to the double negative in English. As a practice for this, complete exercise twelve. Answer the questions using a double negative construction and translate the answer into English.

Russian I:

Today in class we learned about Russian conjunctions and how they are used. Also, we practiced combining sentences using conjunctions. Remember that you want to eliminate repeated words as they aren't needed in Russian. To continue to work on this concept, please complete the final set of sentences and combine them. You will turn in this work on Monday - so make sure that it is as complete as you can make it.

Russian Students - Don't forget that the Olympiada will be held at Duke University this Saturday at 10:00. 

English II:

We'll be finishing up our unit on Oedipus the King pretty quickly next week. Keep in mind that the work you did today will count as part of your grade for the fourth nine weeks.

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