Friday, March 3, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 3 March 2017

English II:

If you have not yet finished your Latin America Research project it is important that you finish that ASAP. They will be graded this weekend. I loved the fact that so many of you were so into the create your own god/creature project. I also loved that so many of you were able to draw on your knowledge of the Greek gods as you did that.

We'll continue reading Oedipus the King next week.

Russian I:  

You all did a great job with your translations as well as with your grocery store advertisements. This weekend, I want you working more with your grocery store ads. Answer the question that relates to meal planning. You have 1000 rubles to do your shopping - what will you eat for breakfast (на завтрак), for lunch (на обед), and for dinner (на ужин). You should try to write complete sentences using the vocabulary we've been studying.

Also, don't forget, we'll have presentations next week on the holidays. If your holiday is in the first half of the year (January to May) then you should be ready to present on Tuesday.

Advanced Russian:

On Tuesday we'll have time to go back to the computer lab and finish typing our projects. I was happy that during the workshop many of you did research, worked on your maps, and wrote your different sentences related to traveling through Russia. Keep in mind that the final due date for these projects is the 15th of March.

Russian III Students - You'll have your Chapter Ten examination on Thursday the 9th.  Russian II Students - You'll have your Chapter Six examination on Monday the 13th.  Russian II Students, you should be able to finish the rest of the exercise we began today in class.

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