Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 7 March

Advanced Russian:

For Thursday you should be ready to present one of the stages of your Russian Amazing Race to class. If you are not ready to submit the final project, that's okay - you have until the 15th of March to finish the project. Please share it electronically or turn it in on Google Classroom.

Russian II and III Students - You have your exam on Verbs of Motion coming next Monday. We'll finish our review on Thursday. Consider your conjugations, your prepositions paired with each verb, and the different cases used for coming and going to different types of places.

Russian IV - Continue reading through sections sixteen and seventeen and developing your knowledge of Nastya's character. Remember to do the same type of analysis work where you consider her language and her reactions as insights to her character.

Russian I:

We will finish the presentations on Thursday. If you presented today, your grades have been loaded into PowerSchool. I appreciated all of the ways that the presentations were made interactive. I also liked seeing everyone try to make origami.

For tonight, continue working on the five sentences we have left on our grammar review. Remember to study and review your vocabulary and your grammar notes. You should be actively reviewing all of the information in the book through Chapters One and Two (focus on your declension charts). Your exam will fall on Wednesday of next week. These last few days should be filled with questions and review!

English II:

If any of you can work on Google Classroom to improve or finish any assignments, that is what I would recommend you do!

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