Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Homework for A-Day Classes: 29 March

Advanced Russian:  Remember that you all have quizzes on Friday. I've got the topics for your quizzes listed below. Outside of this, Russian II students should have their rough drafts ready for their weather reports about Durham, NC. We'll have a small writing and speaking conference on Friday as well.

Russian 2: vocabulary and grammar related to weather, uses of the dative case, no negation! lots of vocabulary!

Russian 3: short forms versus long forms, vocabulary (forming / using adjectives), vocabulary around countries and cultures

Russian 4: interpretive reading - multiple choice for Night Two and Three, vocabulary skills - roots

Russian I:  You also have a quiz on Friday. Your quiz will focus on using adverbs in Russian and forming them. Make sure that you study and review your notes and homework assignments. Also, make sure to know your major conjunctions in Russian.

English II: Next class we will have our review day and then we will move on to our test on Oedipus the King next week.

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