Thursday, March 2, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - B Day Students - 2 March 2017

English II:

If you have not yet finished your research/creative writing project on Latin America, then it is really important that you finish that work ASAP. These projects will start to get graded this weekend, and we will see any work that you've completed. Your grade will be given based on what we see in the Google Classroom folder. Make sure that it shows a complete and thorough project.

I hope that you all had fun today working on the Greek gods, goddesses, and creatures. There's a lot of interesting information we can infer about Greek culture from knowing about their beliefs and their fears.

AP English III:

This weekend you'll be reading a very fantastic chapter in Invisible Man - I call it The Paint Factory. In this chapter you'll have a lot of productive annotating if you follow the color symbolism of white and black in the chapter. You'll want to read the paint as a metaphor for many things. Ellison uses this chapter to make a lot of points about the way in which American society is structured - see these ideas within the language of the text.

Read and annotate heavily. We'll work through Chapters Nine and Ten on Monday. This means that you should also complete the blogging for these chapters.

Furthermore, you should actively be completing your synthesis pack assignment as part of your larger research paper. In this assignment, you should be creating a sourcepack and question page, much like you receive for the synthesis question for the AP Exam. You can create this in Google Drive, or you can turn in a hard copy. I would suggest using Google Drive to make things easier for you.  As a starting point - create your question page and then find the most important parts of your source material. Remember that you will have to excerpt your source material, just like you get in a synthesis pack.

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