Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 14 March 2017

AP English III 

Some of the things in this post are dealt with on Monday. We've got a relatively light day on Thursday.  For Thursday we'll be watching the next portion of Accidental Courtesy; please make sure that you have submitted your notes and answers for the first portion of the film. Hopefully on Thursday we'll also have a chance to finish our speech cartoons and some of the residual conversation from the section of Invisible Man which was discussed today.

For Monday, we have a large chunk of reading - Chapters Sixteen through Nineteen. By Monday you should post on your blogs for all of these chapters. You should also make sure that the synthesis post is up as well. As you read these chapters stay focused on the Brotherhood and its effects on Invisible Man. Keep note of new characters (Brother Jack, Ras, and Brother Tod Clifton) and the different ways in which these characters may link back to previous ones.  Your motif charts will be very productive through these chapters as well.

Lastly, we have our work on our research papers. Make sure that you attend your conference, update your draft, and finalize your previous documents. Remember that on Friday the 28th I'll be averaging your scores for your test grades for all of this work.

English II

Today in class we planned a dinner party for Oedipus and his friends and family. If you did not finish your "library notes" sheet, or your "dinner party" sheet, then please do so for homework! We will not have another day in class to address this content because we will continue reading the pay on Thursday.

Make sure to take your time with the worksheets, using colors, images, and symbols to connect your work to the text. This should be a relatively light night in terms of homework.

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