Monday, March 27, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 27 March 2017

There are only about twenty classes between the beginning and end of this nine weeks. It is very important that you maximize your time in this twenty class stretch to fully prepare yourself for the end of the year.

Advanced Russian:  All of you will have a quiz on Friday which will cover vocabulary and new grammar concepts in this unit. This week is meant to be our review/reinforcement week before the quiz.

Russian IV: Finish reading "Night Three". Translate and answer in English the six questions at the end. With each boldfaced word in the reading, work the word back to its original form (nominative case or infinitive) and then determine the meaning and significant word parts.

Russian III: Continue researching and writing using long-form, short-form, nationalities and sentences using который about your Former Soviet Republics. You should write a brief paragraph for each nationality.

Russian II: Work on your weather reports focused on Durham, NC for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We'll spend time later to research the weather in the Russian city of your choosing. Remember that you can easily accomplish the goals outlined on your project sheet. Then, we'll do the same type of descriptions related to the Russian city.

Russian I: You also have a quiz on Friday focused on adjectives becoming adverbs and your vocabulary. To prepare for this, complete the two exercises today. In the first one you are filling in the blank or combining sentences using the words for "also" in Russian. In the second, you are activating your vocabulary to answer questions using adverbs. Review your vocabulary to finish this.

English II:  We will quickly finish with Oedipus and have our unit exam next week. You should begin to prepare for this by studying your vocabulary today and learning some of the key definitions for terms within this play.

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