Thursday, March 16, 2017

B-Day Homework - Weekend Edition - 16 March 2017

Sorry for the lateness in posting this - when I have to go to the grocery store after work it really throws off my normal leaving work routine.

AP English III

Please make sure that if you miss your scheduled conference that you re-schedule as quickly as possible. There are still spots for next week. After your conference, make sure that you pay the notes and comments that you're given forward as you continue to develop the draft. There is no more required feedback on these papers before the final draft. Many of you have expressed a desire for a second conference - great! We'll have these the final week of March to prepare final drafts; they'll be drop-in conferences before school all week.

In terms of other work - make sure that as you improve and edit previous research project documents that you keep me in the loop about that. I plan on updating the gradebook this weekend; if you have made changes that you feel are not reflected in your grade, please let me know. Also, please make sure to share to and message my dpsnc (dot) net email address.

For Invisible Man you have your reading and blogging up to Chapter 19. This is a good chunk of reading, but if you pace yourself, you can get it done no sweat. Keep up with the motifs with the new motif charts you were given today.

Lastly, there's a writing assignment for you to complete this weekend related to the documentary you've watched and Invisible Man. In no more than three paragraphs, synthesize the information from Invisible ManAccidental Courtesy and "Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack" - you may also refer to other texts as you develop your argument to the question. What is the most effective way to combat white privilege/systemic racism? Where in Invisible Man do we see this privilege exercised? Is the Invisible Man working to dismantle these systems? Be sure to have this as a hard copy or share it at the beginning of class.

English II

Great work today on your workshop in class today. I'm really glad that so many of you were able to accomplish so much. On Monday we're going to have an assessment on Oedipus the King. You're going to have multiple choice questions, matching, and short answers. Make sure that you look over your notes - a lot of you took photos of them to help you study this weekend!

If there's any work you didn't finish today, make sure that's in soon! The quarter ends on Friday of next week!

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