Thursday, January 7, 2016

Homework for A Day Students: 7 January 2016

Russian II/III

This weekend is meant for you all to spend time working on and developing your performance task for Monday's workshop.  Remember that Monday's class is basically a study hall/workshop for the writing assignment and for the midterm.  I'll have time devoted to work with each of you, and then I'll be available as you need me.

We have two days for the midterm, Wednesday is the performance task and Friday is the exam.  Make sure that you're prepared for this.

Russian I

This weekend I would recommend that you spend time studying your case notes and your verb notes so that you're getting prepared for the exam next week.  The work we did today to go through verb conjugation and the cases is valuable.  Next class and Wednesday we're going to continue working through that packet so that we can continue to study and review concepts.  After this we're getting into the next chapter, which means we'll learn about using adjectives!

English II

Again, no homework but many of you learned today that you DO in fact have a missing assignment.  If you didn't get back a movie review on Persepolis today then it is missing and you have no credit on that assignment.  Take the time this weekend to finish these assignments and be ready to close out the quarter.

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