Thursday, January 14, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students: The Long Weekend - 14 January

AP English III

Your main task for this weekend is to put forward a lot of work on your skits - the missing scenes of The Great Gatsby.  I would highly suggest using Google docs for your script and that you use Google slides for your backgrounds and such.  Then you can share everything to me (mrmillerjhs @ gmail [dot] com) and have it settled.

Remember that you'll have two more work sessions in class as a group - thirty minutes on Wednesday and Friday next week.  Then we will present these in class on the 26th.  Presentations should be no more than five minutes per group so that we can have time to see all presentations.

The only other task you have for this weekend is to secure your copy of Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.  We'll start our unit on The Harlem Renaissance on Friday by reading some related texts; you may want to start your reading of Invisible Man sooner though since it is a long and complex novel, one that I hope you will enjoy.

English II

There is no homework for the weekend if you are completely satisfied with your grade and standing in class.  However, if you are missing assignments (especially the Persepolis movie review or any other major projects) then you should do some work this weekend.  Get these assignments completed and emailed to me or turned in to me on Tuesday morning.  I'll be at Jordan from 7:00 am to around 12:00 - you can come in and turn in work or even take a missing quiz or test.  Anything that we can do to raise your grade we need to do!

Keep in mind that this is the last quarter of the minimum fifty grade.  After this you will earn the actual grade each quarter, no matter how low it is.  The good news is that you still have most of your grade to earn, you just have to earn it.

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