Saturday, January 9, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - B Day Student - 9 January 2016

English II

Complete your missing major work if you have any.  There are some of you whom I put on the board to remind you about particular assignments like your Persepolis movie review or your Persepolis graphic memoir project.

Next week we will have our district benchmark; hopefully our reading activity and game gave you some good practice for this upcoming event.  Study your vocabulary and literary devices; it'll help.

AP English III

You have a timed writing coming to you on Tuesday; it'll be a rhetorical analysis.  Look at your previous writing assignments for comments and aim to improve.  Remember that the main issues were in the discussion of your findings.  Analyze the text to find significant rhetorical devices and explain how they help the speaker/author convey his/her argument.

Additionally, don't forget about the rhetorical triangle between the speaker, audience, and topic.  Always consider the audience - how does the speaker specify his topic and argument for that particular audience?

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