Thursday, January 21, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 21 January 2016

English II

Today we took our i-Ready test in class for your reading comprehension and skills.  I look forward to going over this data and using it to make my teaching better for you.  Here's what you need to accomplish for tonight - the writing work on "Tuesday Siesta" by Marquez.

Follow the steps on the handout I gave you in class.  Start with the summary from last class - if you need the full text of the story, use this link.  Write your summary in the grey box on the story.  Then, do your vocabulary for step two.  Lastly, you have your writing for step three, four, and five.  You can do all the work on the handout.  I'll check it next class.

Russian II/III

We need to spend time reviewing the conjugations of the verbs of motion again.  Stay focused on the unidirectional verbs since they're the wonky ones.  The multidirectional verbs are pretty straightforward once you remember the mutations.  Start here tonight.

Russian II - Make sure that you've completed one through ten on your assignment sheet.  We'll go over that next class and talk through the questions.

Russian III - Spend time with your cases, prepositions and prefixes.  Really understand and learn the way that these are all paired together and the way in which these are paired as opposites.  Read the information in your textbook from pages 410-418 - this will go over the verbs, the prefixes, and give you great examples of how they are used.  We'll go over this information together on Monday, but I want you to read it now and develop questions and baseline understandings.

Russian I

Learn your vocabulary!  Especially your adjectives.  Start with the colors and the word for "what type of/what kind".

Don't forget your writing assignment.  Select your two animals and describe them.  Tell what they have.  Make sure to check your adjectives for agreement!  I'll check this for completion next class.

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