Thursday, January 28, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 28 January 2016

I was very glad to see a good note from the substitute today.  Thank you for doing what I left for you while I was off coaching.  We had a really great meet!  Here are some reminders for you for tonight:

Russian Students (I, II, III)

Continue to practice with your vocabulary and work with verbs of motion (II/III) and adjectives (I).  I won't be seeing all of you again until Monday.  When I see you on Monday I expect to see that you have been learning the new content so that we can practice and keep moving forward next week.  I hope that you enjoyed the films today!  As a good practice, work on writing about the films you watched today using your new grammar.

English II

You should have had enough time to finish the writing of your paragraphs on your new question to "Tuesday Siesta" today in class.  You should have also finished reading the whole story.  Make sure that for Monday you will be able to submit your whole writing sheet with the question, outline, and paragraph completed.  We'll move on to our last Latin American authors next week and then it's off to Africa!

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