Monday, January 4, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students-- January 4, 2016

Welcome back, everyone! It was so lovely to see your smiling faces today.

AP English III

Today in class we peer-edited our second drafts for style, clarity, and grammatical issues. We also discussed your initial impressions of The Great Gatsby, talked about characterization, and worked in groups to gather significant details about various characters in the novel. Next class, we will continue to share our findings and extend our discussion to Gatsby himself and Nick.

We used a version of the "Editing and Proofreading" handout from the UNC writing center, which can be found here in the second column:

For Wednesday: Bring a digital copy of the most recent version of your essay that you will be able to access from the library. We will be working on MLA formatting and citation in the Dell lab during the first part of class, but please meet in the classroom.

For Friday: Final drafts of Huck Finn papers are due. You need to turn in your draft in your manila envelope, so bring this if you still have it. You will be turning in:

  • Your first draft
  • Peer review sheets that you received from your initial reviewers before break
  • Your second draft
  • Your final draft
  • A cover sheet (will be provided on Friday in class)
To give you a sense of how we'll finish the semester, I plan to give back your Huck Finn tests on Friday. On Tuesday of next week, we'll have another Rhetorical Analysis AP Timed Writing. Next Thursday, we will be watching clips from both Gatsby films and analyzing these adaptations of the text. We will not have time to watch the entirety of either movie in class, but I recommend watching them outside of class. 

English II
You have no assignments for tonight. We'll begin reading a short story by Julio Cortazar next class. The end of the quarter is quickly approaching, so if you are missing a major assignment--the graphic memoir project or the movie review--now is the time to get that done!

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