Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Homework for B-Day students-January 6, 2016

AP English III
Today in class we worked on MLA formatting and citation. Most of the information you need is on the handout, but all of that and more can also be found at the pages linked in the previous blog post.

On Friday you must have with you:

  • A printed final draft (as I said in one class, I am okay with double-sided printing)
  • Your first and second drafts that were reviewed by your peers
  • Any peer review sheets that you have
    • A number of you were absent on the day we did peer reviews and may not have sheets. Show me evidence that you completed a peer review via email or some other method or include an explanatory note.

  • Your big manila envelope in which to submit your materials
  • Your portfolio--I plan to give back Huck Finn tests
  • A copy of The Great Gatsby for our classwork that day.
English II
As before, your homework is to get in any missing work. We will continue with our reading game next class and probably finish reading the Cortazar story.

Please do not lose your vocabulary notes from today, and bring them back to class with you!

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