Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow Day Number 1 - 22 January 2016

It's happened.  We're not at school.  Here's what this means:

  • Monday will be a B-day.  Tuesday will be an A-day.  If we're still out of school on Monday then that just moves down one day.
  • AP students should complete the reading of Hurston and prepare for our final day of skit work.  Presentations of skits will now be on Wednesday.  You will still need Invisible Man next week; I now need to adjust the reading schedule.
  • Russian students should continue studying vocabulary.  Russian I - Feel free to work with the other animals and some of the other adjectives other than colors.  Russian II and III - begin writing with your new verbs.  There are exercises at the end of your chapters that you can start to look at as well.
  • English II - B day students will have their i-Ready test at our next class.  A day students should complete the reading of "Tuesday Siesta" and the writing/vocabulary assignment that I gave you.
Hopefully we'll all see each other on Monday.  I'm going to make myself another coffee and play some PlayStation after I finish some more work!  Enjoy the day!

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