Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Homework for A-Day: 5 January 2016

Welcome back to all of you! It's time for a new year and to finish out the second quarter, which is happening next Friday! Here's what you need to take care of to prepare for next class.

Russian II/III

Today you all got your final performance task for the unit. Now is the time to start to prepare. Go through the assignment and plan out what you're going to say and make sure that you're going through all of the requirements of your particular assignment. Look up vocabulary that you're going to need, so that we can practice and work with it during our workshop day on Monday.

If you're missing any work or need to do resubmissions/reassessments, please take care of that this week.

Now, on to the exercises.  Russian II and III, these exercises are for practice and to develop mastery.  Russian III students, we will work through exercise nineteen next class, make sure it's complete.  Russian II students, you have exercises solely for practice - we'll take a look at those tomorrow, but not for a grade.

Don't forget - midterm next week.  Wednesday for performance task and Friday for test.

Russian I

We'll have our test next week and you all also learned about your performance task - you'll have to present one of your paragraphs on your family in a timed, testing environment with no notes or help.  Make sure that you review your previous drafts to prepare for this.  Keep using and reviewing your chapter one vocabulary; the more you use it, the more you'll know.

Many of you have missing or very low scores in quizzes, projects, and previous assessments.  Remember that the last time to work on resubmissions/reassessments is this week.  Please settle your business.

English II

We'll keep reading Cortazar next class - I hope that you're liking the story; it gets really good as we keep going.  For tonight, make sure that you're finishing your missing major work. If you don't know what you're missing, please shoot me an email and ask.  Better that you check and be sure than not check and do badly for the quarter.  You all (4A) had a great start to the year today, let's keep it up!

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