Monday, December 21, 2015

Homework over the Break - A Day Students

I'm sorry that I didn't get this up on Friday.  Here's what you all need to get done over break.

Russian Students

All of you should be spending time over break to study and review the grammar and vocabulary that we have been learning so far.  There are some essential grammar skills and more specialized grammar skills for you too.

  • Russian I - You should be focused on unit one.  The information on cases, verb conjugation, and the vocabulary too.  Don't forget gender and possessive pronouns.
  • Russian II - You've been doing a lot with verbs so stay focused there.  Don't forget all of your vocabulary and the expressions related to time.
  • Russian III - You've had a lot in this unit - also related to verbs and aspect and modals and imperatives.  That's a big unit.  There's your vocabulary too.
Russian I all got their drafts of the family writing back - make sure that you are going back and revising these assignments as well as finishing them up so that they are complete.  See my previous post about the example regarding my mom.

English II Students

No official homework over break but a LOT of you have make-up work to complete.  The priority in make-up work is the Persepolis movie review or graphic novel project.  There's the quizzes and tests too, which you'd have to do in school.  Make sure if these big projects are missing that you have them when you get back from break as we'll only have two weeks left in the quarter.  If you have questions about your make-up work you can send me them:  mrmillerjhs @ gmail (dot) com or daniel (dot) miller @ dpsnc (dot) net.

Enjoy the break!  Happy 2016!

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