Monday, April 4, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 4 April

English II

There's no official homework tonight.  Use the time to get ahead on your reading for your extra credit projects.  Keep journaling and answer the questions that apply to your book.

Russian I, II, and III

You all have exams or quizzes at the end of the week so the important thing is to study the vocabulary and grammar that we will see on your quizzes/exams.

  • Russian I - Your exam will cover the ten verbs we listed today and your tables.  Make sure that you know your vocabulary and your declensions.  Play with your dominoes.
  • Russian II - Your quiz will cover weather vocabulary and the uses of the dative case that we reviewed at the opening of the unit.  
  • Russian III - Your quiz will focus on long form versus short form adjectives.  Make sure that you spend some time looking at the declensions of adjectives in singular and plural since you'll need that for long form adjectives.  
The only class that really has homework to turn in is Russian II - you have your weather report presentations due next class.

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