Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Homework for B Day Students - 27 April 2016

AP English III

Your homework tonight is very light - I hope that you appreciate it.  For tonight make sure that you have finished the reading and studying of Act III in The Crucible.  Your covers should be updated to relate the major symbols, topics/motifs, and settings as well as the characters.  Be sure that the text's body is also fully annotated to reflect this thinking and reading.

We will be having a quiz on Acts I-III of The Crucible, likely next week.  I'll give you more details on Friday.

English II

If you would like to spend more time exploring the annex in which Anne and her family hid, then please visit this link.  Here you'll be able to explore the rooms of the annex, learn more about the members of the family who hid there, and more about the day-to-day experiences in the annex.

Remember that your essays are due to me on Friday.  You should have five complete paragraphs and at least one rough draft/preparation assignment with this to earn your improvement score.

Also, we will begin building our websites for our final project on Friday.  Make sure that you have your gmail account set up and your password.

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