Thursday, April 14, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 14 April 2016

Russian I

For homework this weekend I want you all to do some writing and some review of the old vocabulary from unit two.  Please go into your textbooks and select five adjectives from unit three and five adjectives from unit two.  Then, transform the adjectives into adverbs if they logically can make that change.

After you've made this change - I want you to write a sentence using the word as an adjective and another sentence using the word as an adverb.  Explain the difference in meaning between these two sentences.  In total, you will write twenty sentences because you are writing one sentence for each word form.

Pay attention to meanings and what you are describing as you use these types of words.

Russian II

This weekend you have some work to do focused on the genitive plural.  Complete the exercise putting the words into the nominative singular (given), nominative plural, genitive singular and genitive plural.  You're going to want to use your textbooks here since there are some irregularities to account for.

Russian III

This weekend you are continuing to work on который but instead of simply translating and analyzing you are filling in the blank with the appropriate form.  Remember as you are filling in the blank you have to really consider the needed case for the situation.  Remember to consider what is happening after the comma in order to determine the case.  You need to consider the referent from before the comma in order to figure out the gender and the number.

You will not be able to just fill in the blank - you should write out the sentences.

English II

There's no actual homework for you all to do tonight but it would be a good idea to make sure that you have done:

  • preliminary research for your project - start finding answers to your questions
  • make sure that your viewing guide for Hotel Rwanda is complete through question four
  • if you didn't finish your StudyIsland assessment - make sure that it gets finished

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