Monday, April 18, 2016

Homework for A Day Classes - 18 April 2016

Russian III

Remember that you will have a quiz on Tuesday that will focus on который as well as the work that we have done to review declensions.  Make sure that you are studying and reviewing vocabulary in order to prepare for this quiz.

For tonight's homework you have two exercises to complete.  For exercise 11.9 you will be combining two sentences using который.  Make sure that you write out the sentence combination and the translation of the sentence.  For exercise 11.10 you will be translating from English to Russian using который.  Make sure that you write the Russian translation as well as the analysis of который - what is the antecedent? the gender? the number? the case?

Russian II

You will have a quiz on Tuesday that focuses on plural declensions and the usage of the genitive case.  To help you with this you have exercises to help you with this.  Complete exercise 7.8A and 7.8B.  For exercise 7.8A you will be filling in the blanks and translating the sentence.  For 7.8B you will be filling in the blanks, declining the word in parenthesis to the proper form and translating.  Make sure that you do this work on notebook paper so that I can check it.

Russian I

You should be working on your presentations about the former republics of the Soviet Union.  We will be presenting these countries next week on Thursday.  Additionally, you all have a quiz next Tuesday on forming and using adjectives.  Tonight for homework you have two exercises to complete related to adjectives of time and adjectives of measure/degree.  Please fill in the blanks with the required words - they are either in the word bank associated with the exercise or in your textbook.  Be able to read the sentence aloud with confidence.  We will review these next class.

English II

Your main homework tonight is to finish the second viewing guide for Hotel Rwanda to deal with the after-viewing questions.  Also, make sure that you are ready to complete the work on our essays next class.  We will quickly be finishing them and moving on to our final project of the year.

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