Friday, April 29, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students - Weekend - 29 April 2016

English II

If any of you did not submit your essay packets to me today please make sure that they are completed and in to me on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.  Remember that I need your final draft as well as some preliminary work so that I can give you an improvement score for your essay too.

Over the weekend, I want you to read and annotate the two articles I gave you about life in the ghetto for Jews.  As you read, underline or take note about conditions in the ghetto for Jews.  These article are yours - so feel free to write on them.  We'll discuss this on Tuesday and build some comparisons to Anne's life.

AP English III

We will be having our quiz on Acts I-III of The Crucible on Thursday next week.  For those of you in AP Calculus - please see me before or after to complete the quiz.  This weekend you need to read and annotate Niccolo Macchiavelli's "The Morals of the Prince".  The reading is available within the first edition of 50 Essays or at this link.

As you read, consider Abby against Machiavelli's Prince.  Does Abby embody the qualities of a good leader?  Do you generally agree with Machiavelli about a leader?  This piece gives us some interesting food for thought especially around honesty, power, and manipulation.

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