Monday, April 25, 2016

Homework for B Day Students - 25 April 2016

AP English III

Next class we will be working through our AP Multiple Choice for the vast majority of class since the day is a PLC Day.  Additionally, make sure that you have completed your written homework - the tone analysis.

Remember for this assignment you will be analyzing five lines for their tone.  Be sure to copy and cite the line from the book to your response.  Annotate the line to draw out the tone.  Apply your tone sheet and develop your tone vocabulary.  With each line, be sure to explain how that specific tone is significant to the work as a whole.  Three lines should be from each act (I-III) and the last two are your choice.

The goal of this assignment is to reactivate your skills of analysis and explanation - things we'll need for the upcoming exam!

English II

Your homework for tomorrow's class is to finish your viewing guides for Hotel Rwanda and (if you didn't already turn it in) The Wave.  There is no additional homework tonight.  Essays will not be collected until the end of the week on Friday.  If you need me, I have cleared my schedule on Tuesday to meet with you on your essay if you need me to review it or give you final notes.

This essay grade is a major part of your grade this quarter - don't miss the chance to turn it in and do well!

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