Thursday, April 28, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Students - 28 April 2016

English II

The only homework that you have this weekend is to complete your essay and have it ready to be submitted on Monday.  Remember that for this essay you are expected to have five clear paragraphs.  Use the rubric for your final draft to help you put this together.  If you were active during our last writing workshop then you have a very good example of your third body paragraph to use when constructing the others.

If you need my help, I'll be available tomorrow after school, before school, and during B lunch.

If you would like to spend more time poking around Anne's hiding place and learning more about her or her family, I invite you to investigate the website of the Anne Frank House.  You can access that site here:  Anne Frank House.

We will continue our reading and study of Anne next class as well as begin our research projects.

Russian I

If any of you did not finish your adverb quiz, make sure to see me to finish that no later than Monday.  For the weekend, I would like for all of you to make sure that your presentations are ready to show and that you have completed the viewing guide for our film Девчата.  If you need to watch portions of the film that you may have missed, you can find the film at this website.

Remember that we will soon be starting our review for the final exam (Units 1-3).  Take time this weekend to look through your textbooks and come up with topics that you would like for us to review during that time.

Russian II/III

Many of you will need to see me tomorrow to finish your quizzes.  Make sure that you make yourself available to do that no later than Monday.  For the weekend, make sure that those of you who need to use the link above to finish watching our film and complete your viewing guides.

Additionally, you may want to take time to consider our final speaking assignment of the year.  We'll decide on roles on Tuesday and begin to prepare a bit then.

Lastly, make sure that you read about our next grammar unit before we see each other on Monday.  For Russian II, you want to read about the concept of double negation in Russian (282-285).  For Russian III, you want to read about verbal adjectives and gerund formation in Russian (477-488).

When I see you all next week there will only be NINE A-days until we begin exams!

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