Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Homework for A-Day - 12 April 2016

Russian III

Tonight I want you to put what you have learned about который into practice with a bit of reading, translating and analyzing.  Take a look at exercise seven in Chapter Eleven.  You will see several sentences using который.  Translate the sentence as best you can.  Then analyze который for the case, gender, and number that it is in in the sentence.  You should be able to explain all of the sentences.

Russian II

We have to make a lot of plurals in your homework.  For the list of words in exercise six, be able to put the words into all of the cases for the singular and for the plural.  Some of these words will be tricky, so we'll look at the more troublesome ones on Thursday.

Russian I

Today we briefly started looking at adverbs and how they are formed from adjectives.  For tonight, I want you to start looking at the new vocabulary in Chapter Three - especially the adjectives.  The list is on page 102.  With this list, read the adjectives and consider which of them can be made into adverbs - then, make the change to the adverb form.  Only one of them doesn't really form a logical adverb.

English II

Make sure that you've finished the viewing guides for Hotel Rwanda - especially questions 2, 2a, and 3.  Also, consider one of the scenes that we saw today for your essay.  Remember that the work on this film will be your third body paragraph - it's a good idea to start planning this paragraph now.

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