Friday, April 8, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Students

Russian I

Today we had our exam on Chapters One and Two - I hope that you all felt prepared and were able to show what you know of Russian grammar.  For the weekend I would like for you to do a few things.  First, do some more preliminary research on your country.  Secondly, start to look over the information in Chapter Three.  Begin with your vocabulary for the new chapter.  It'll be useful to start learning now.

Russian II

This weekend you should start to review the next part of Chapter Seven.  Look over and read pages 271 - 282 in your textbooks.  Make a chart for case declension in the plural for adjectives and nouns.  Also, start to review the information on forming and using the genitive plural.  We'll start marching through this information together on Tuesday.

Russian III

You should also spend some time with your textbooks this weekend.  Look over the information on 466 - 477 about participles (adjectives formed from verbs) and look over the different types and the different formation rules.  There's a lot here, try to understand what you can understand and we'll start working through it soon.

English II

Hopefully your writing workshop was productive in the Dell Lab.  Over the weekend you should finish polishing these four paragraphs so that you are ready to add in your last body paragraph related to our final text.

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