Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 20 April 2016

Russian III and II

We're going to hold our quiz until Thursday so that we can have extra time to review on Tuesday.  In advance, make sure that you are spending time with the grammar and vocabulary in this section of your lessons.

For Russian III Students I have these exercises using который.  Exercise 1 and Exercise 2.

I hope that you all enjoy the film on Friday.

Russian I

You all will have your adverb quiz on Tuesday.  Remember that the main goal that you will have on this quiz is being able to determine how to turn an adjective into an adverb (both cultural adjectives and adjectives related to qualities) and to determine if a word is already an adverb - this is mostly done by studying the worksheet that we reviewed today in class.

We will have our presentations on our Soviet Republics on Thursday.  Be prepared for that.  Don't forget your cultural artifacts if you want to earn that extra credit.

English II

Now that we have finished our work on drafting the third body paragraph then you should now be able to finish the edits that you have for the rest of your essay.  Use the final rubric to help you make your final edits.  Your final essays will be due on Thursday of next week.  Make sure that you have a final draft as well as your preliminary work.

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