Thursday, April 21, 2016

Homework for All Classes - Weekend Edition 21 and 22 April

Since I won't be here tomorrow I figure that I should go ahead and post the weekend update for everyone.  If you have questions, please email me over the weekend and I will try to address your question.

AP English III

For the weekend you should stay focused on your reading of The Crucible.  Continue on and complete Act III - please read all the way to the end of the act.  Use your reading guide to pay attention to the key elements of this act as well as the importance of the new characters.

As you read, consider your role as a member of the audience in this act.  Consider your knowledge in comparison to that of the revered judges who sit and weigh judgement.  Additionally, we have one of the main turning points of this play.  There will be much to discuss on Monday.

English II

Over the weekend I hope that all of you will spend time revising and editing your essays to complete your final drafts.  You have rough drafts, writing planning sheets, and rubrics as well as a great version of your third body paragraph.  Make sure that all of your body paragraphs are as good as your third.  Edit your introduction and conclusion so that your main idea is clear and you have accounted for all of the stories we have studied for this essay.  B day essays are due on Wednesday and A day essays are due on Thursday.  I'll be available after school on Monday and Tuesday for last-minute help.

Also, please make sure that you finish your second viewing guide for Hotel Rwanda.  I'll be collecting those to be checked on Monday/Tuesday.

Russian I

You all have your quiz on adverb formation and use on Tuesday.  Be sure that you can do the following:

  1. recognize an adjective versus an adverb
  2. be able to recognize a cultural adjective versus a quality adjective
  3. know how to turn a cultural adjective and quality adjective into adverbs
  4. know which nouns can be turned into adverbs and which case to use
  5. know which words are already adverbs and don't need to be changed
You should use your worksheet on exercises 20 and 25, your notes, and your textbooks to help you study and prepare.

Also, you will have your presentations on Thursday for your country projects.  Make sure that you are working on these as you need to in order to meet Thursday's deadline.

Russian II/III

We will be having our quizzes on Thursday.  Tuesday will be geared toward review.  Hopefully those of you in Russian III found the exercises online useful and helpful.  I wanted to let the Level II students know that I didn't forget them.  Here are some great exercises using plural declensions and especially the genitive plural.  There is a lot of good stuff there - just use the title of the link to get you started.  If you need particular things just on the genitive plural there's this, this, this, and this.

Russian Students - Make sure that you finish your viewing guide for Девчата based on what you watched in class so that we can quickly finish the film and I can collect this work.

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