Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 26 April 2016

Russian I - III

Remember that next class you will have a quiz on your recent learning units.  We reviewed these today in class.  As a reminder:

  • Russian I - You have your quiz on adjectives and adverbs.
  • Russian II - Your quiz will cover plural declensions of all words and the use of cases.
  • Russian III - Your quiz will focus on the word который.
Please use the exercises that we have done and the information in your textbooks to further prepare for this quiz.  This will be one of your last quizzes of the year.

If you missed any of Девчата then you can see it at this link.  This is especially important if you missed class last Friday.  Make sure that you complete the viewing guide and have it submitted no later than Monday.

Russian I Students - Remember that you have your major presentations over the next few classes.  Be ready to share your former Soviet republics and teach us about them.

English II

Your homework is much the same as your classmates in the B Day class.  Your essays are now due on Monday to give you more time for final edits and revisions.  Make sure that if you did not turn in your viewing guides today that you have them ready for me on Thursday to be turned in for a grade.

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