Monday, May 2, 2016

Homework for A- Day Students: 2 May 2016

English II

For tonight you have two articles to read about life in a Jewish ghetto.  As you are reading the articles make sure that you are underlining and taking note of the living conditions in the ghetto for the Jews.  These are your copies so you can feel free to underline on the articles themselves.

You might want to compare and contrast the conditions that are seen in these readings to the conditions that Anne and her family endure in the Secret Annex.

Many of you didn't have essays today.  Get them in to me ASAP!

Russian I

For homework tonight you have to work on exercise four in chapter three.  For this exercise you will not be following the written instructions.  For the exercise, you will be focusing tonight on rewriting any words that are possessive or demonstrative pronouns or adjectives in the nominative case from the singular to the plural.  If the word is in any case except nominative, do not work with it.

For any nouns that you will need to change, leave a space.  We will deal with nouns later.

You should do this work on your own paper.  We will continue with our presentations next class as well.

Russian II/III

Tonight we have exercises in our textbooks focusing on the new grammar that we are learning to round out the year.

  • Russian III Students - Work on exercise eleven, but only focus on numbers 1-6.  In this section, identify your participles and their antecedent.  Identify the type of participle being used and attempt to translate.  This is more of a reading and analysis assignment - we'll deal with more of the grit later.
  • Russian II Students - For homework you have exercises eleven and twelve.  For these, focus on your rules related to double negatives as well as your vocabulary around negative expressions.  Remember that the use of the double negative is key in Russian!

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