Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Homework for All Classes - A and B Day - 22 and 23 September

I'll be out tomorrow in observance of Yom Kippur, so I wanted to go ahead and make this post now to everyone.

Russian II and III

On Thursday you will have a vocabulary quiz on your nouns in Chapter Four.  I will ask you to put these nouns into several cases and they may be paired with possessive pronouns in some areas.  This is a reminder to continue to study and review your case endings - the results of the test showed me that this is still needed.

Russian I

You should begin to review and study the vocabulary words in Chapter One of our textbook.  Begin your work on the nouns because that's where we'll start on Thursday.  In addition, you have some new readings that you can use to help you study and review the alphabet.  If you are still feeling behind on the alphabet or anything from the first test, please make time to see me and build in extra practice - you'll need to get this down pat!

English II

Tonight you'll be reading the fourth part of "The Overcoat" - it's when things really start to go downhill for Akaky.  As you read, pay attention to your new vocabulary and do your definitions - we will likely check vocabulary in the next few days.  Also, think about and take note of the following ideas as you read:

  • How do the police/government officials treat Akaky?  Why?
  • What generally happens to Akaky in this section?
  • Is there any irony in this section?  Where?
We'll review things on Thursday/Friday and start wrapping up this story and our unit on Russian literature.

AP English III

You should now have your journals to keep working on your Transcendentalist for a Week reflections.  Feel free to staple the previous entries into your journal instead of simply recopying them.  For tonight, you should spend time working on your vocabulary cards - remember that you need to do cards for five words.  Follow the instructions on the cards and ask if you have questions.  I also recommend using www.dictionary.com for this assignment as well as the website in your assignment sheet.

Additionally tonight you should begin drafting and working on your rough drafts.  The drafts will be workshopped in class on October 1 (the same day that your cards are due).  You need to have fifty percent of your final draft to get credit - my recommendation is that you do (at least) your introduction, two body paragraphs, and your conclusion.  After our workshop, Ms. Ginocchio and I will be available for conferences.

Have Thoreau and Emerson as well as Steinbeck in class on Friday - we'll be pulling a lot of ideas together.

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