Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back from the long/birthday weekend...Homework for 9/8/15 - A-Day

Remember:  Each and every day makes us older and hopefully wiser, too.

Russian II/III

Thursday we will begin with our writing conferences which we cut today in order to work on phonetics.  Make sure that for Thursday you are fully prepared with a paragraph that has all nouns, pronouns (of all types), and adjectives translated into Russian into the appropriate case.  Your paragraph should reflect all six cases.  If you use a translator/dictionary for a word, indicate that so that I can give you another, easier word or reference my dictionary.

For verbs, put your verb analysis chart at the bottom of your work.  Verb in English with tense and subject (for II and III) followed by aspect and directionality (III only).  As we conference we'll go over the individual verbs you need.

Bring your textbooks - we'll use them in class during conferences.

Russian I

Looking at your handwriting packets I see that a few of us will be having a working lunch to correct some mistakes and misunderstandings.  The grades are already posted in PowerSchool - if you have B lunch, you could come to lunch on Wednesday instead of waiting until Thursday to earn your credit back.

For tonight's homework, study your alphabet and your new vocabulary.  I encourage you all to make flashcards which will help your handwriting and memory.  Study the main words, not really the whole phrases.  Also, continue to practice with your phonetics packet - we'll have more phonics work on Thursday.

English II

I've updated PowerSchool to reflect missing assignments including the vocabulary work.  If you want to, please turn in your work tomorrow to me or Ms. Ginocchio and we'll fix the grade as soon as we can.  Remember that missing work must be turned in by Friday to be eligible for full credit.

For tonight you will be writing your first of three personal reflections to a text - remember that you will keep this until the end of our unit on Russian literature when it will be collected for a full quiz grade.  For tonight, you will reflect on Chekhov's "A Problem" - your prompt is:

Do you agree with Sasha's final thought at the end of the story that he is "indeed a criminal" or not?  Why do you agree or disagree?  Use one clear example from the story to support your opinion.

Remember to follow your rules for good paragraph writing and build complexity by talking about a story.

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