Monday, September 21, 2015

Homework for Monday - B Day Students - 9/21/2015

English II

Tonight you'll be writing your Personal Reflection #2 - this will be on the story "The Overcoat".  Here is your prompt, make sure that you answer the question clearly using a solid paragraph.  You may want to write more than one paragraph.

Have you ever had an object that you wanted the way that Akaky wants his overcoat?  What was the object?  What did it symbolize for you?  What happened to you once you got the object?  Did you change like Akaky is changing in the story?

AP English III

Today we started to crack the surface on Emerson and "The Over Soul".  The next few classes are going to be key in helping you really make sense of what he is saying and what he means.  For tonight, start your project on being a Transcendentalist for a week.  Remember the idea is to transcend your everyday experience, so think about something you can give up to accomplish this goal.  Have fun with this assignment and discover something about yourself.  Remember that you will write one page a day about your experience for five days and then complete a final reflection on the week, due on the 29th of September.

For tonight as well, read Thoreau's "Where I Lived, and What I Lived For" - while you work on Wednesday there will be a reading guide which will help you to get through the main ideas of this piece.  Continue to draw connections to Emerson - it'll make things a lot clearer.  Here's the link to Thoreau's piece if you don't have 50 Essays.

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