Friday, September 18, 2015

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Edition - 18 September

Russian II/III

Today you survived your first exam.  Congratulations.  If there were areas of the exam which were difficult for you then I would suggest studying over the weekend to review while it's still fresh in your minds.  Over the weekend begin to study the nouns in chapter four.  We will have a spelling test on Thursday covering these nouns.

Russian I

From the reading performance I think that many of you were not totally prepared for today's test.  I will grade your tests this weekend and prepare you for corrections on Tuesday during the first half of class.  Be prepared to move forward.  Make sure that you are ready for Tuesday and that you can correct anything that you missed today.

English II

This weekend you'll be writing your Personal Reflection #2 - this will be on the story "The Overcoat".  Here is your prompt, make sure that you answer the question clearly using a solid paragraph.  You may want to write more than one paragraph.

Have you ever had an object that you wanted the way that Akaky wants his overcoat?  What was the object?  What did it symbolize for you?  What happened to you once you got the object?  Did you change like Akaky is changing in the story?

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