Thursday, September 3, 2015

Homework for A Day Students: 9/3/2015 - Weekend Edition

I won't see all of you until I'm thirty-one!  Thankfully that happens on Saturday, so we won't have to wait too long.  Here are your reminders for the weekend:

Russian II/III

Continue to work on the grammar exercises to help you review genitive, accusative, and prepositional case.  A lot of you were making some breakthroughs today in terms of case construction and knowledge, keep practicing and learning.  In addition, go back to your paragraphs - apply the dative case and continue to edit and develop.  I will be collecting finalized versions for cases soon!

Russian I

I want you to make sure that your handwriting packets are complete this weekend so that you can completely study the alphabet.  After today's class we've done all the letters, and now we're starting to get at phonetics too.  Continue to write, read, and practice.  We'll be doing all of that next weekend.

For my Russian language students - here's a fun song that you can listen to this weekend just for the heck of it.

English II

We've started studying Chekhov and will continue that work next week.  For the weekend, I want you to write using your vocabulary.  Construct a short story using FIVE vocabulary words from your bookmarks.  The story should be about someone borrowing money from another person.  Don't write more than a paragraph or two - I want the stories short.  Include some conflict - that always happens when people borrow money.

When you turn in the story you will also turn in your vocabulary bookmarks - so make sure that all the words on them are defined.

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