Monday, September 28, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students: 28 September 2015

English II

Your homework for tonight is to finish the preparation for your major quiz on "The Overcoat" and the poetry of Anna Akhmatova.  The poetry is available on your handouts and the whole text of "The Overcoat" is at this link.  Make sure that you've read over the story and the poetry as you prepare.  For the quiz you will have questions on:

  • characters, symbols, conflicts, literary devices in "The Overcoat"
  • themes and literary devices for Akhmatova's poetry
The test will also look at your knowledge of vocabulary from these pieces, so make sure that you have defined all of the words on your bookmark.  The final part of the test will be a short answer question, make sure you remember the key parts of your effective paragraphs!

Lastly, don't forget your opportunity to earn back extra points - revise your writing based on our workshop today and turn that in no later than Friday to earn a new grade.

Russian I

For homework tonight you should be working on your vocabulary studying of chapter one.  Begin by focusing on the nouns.  You should work on the spelling, the reading, and the gender knowledge of the nouns in your chapter one vocabulary list.  You'll have a vocabulary quiz next Thursday - so it is important to start to prepare now!

Russian II/III

For tonight I want you to select five of the verbs from which you made your verb cards and I want you to work on writing questions and answers using these verbs.  For example:
О чем разговаривают Таня и Виктор?
Они разговаривают о классе.
You need to create five question/answer pairs.  Make sure that as you do this you work with the conjugation of the verbs as well as the case governance that occurs with these verbs as well.

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