Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Homework for B-Day Students: 9/9/2015

AP English III

Tonight your only homework is to work on your outlines and to revise!  Put to practice all that we have learned over the last few days of class, and show me how you are growing as a writer.  Remember to start with your argument revision since that is the heart of the essay - then move forward into developing your topics, details, and explanation.  Please come to conference as you are working - remember that five minutes face-to-face can really help you a lot as you go through this process.  The revised outlines are due to class on 9/15/15.  You will need to submit your original and the revised copy.

Next class make sure that you have Kozol - we'll be finishing him up and getting ready to move to Oklahoma.

English II

Your homework is the same as the A-Day students.  I want you to write your personal reflection on the prompt using a clear detail from the story to support your opinion.  You're going to write three of these reflections - so remember to keep them together on the same piece of paper.  Your prompt is:

Do you agree with Sasha's final thought that he is "indeed a criminal"?  Why or why not?  Use one clear piece of evidence from the text to support your idea.

In addition, if you are still missing the travel paragraph, or the vocabulary work you will need to get that turned in for credit by Friday.

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