Friday, September 25, 2015

Homework for B-Day Students - 25 September 2015 - Weekend Edition

AP English III

This weekend you have two things to complete and a few things to take care of which will move you on into Thursday.  First, let's deal with Tuesday.  On Tuesday you'll be turning in your journals (both the Transcendental daily reflections and your warm-ups) as well as your personal reflection on the week.  For the personal reflection consider the week as a whole - What did you learn about yourself through this experiment?  What have you learned about others?  Have you transcended?  Why or why not?  The idea in this reflection is to focus on one key idea and explain thoroughly - show us that you can focus your writing.

For Thursday, you will have your rough draft workshop on your argumentative essays as well as your first vocabulary cards due.  Use or or to look up definitions, word parts, and meanings.  Remember to account for all of the information needed on the cards.

Remember that for the rough drafts you need to have fifty percent of your final draft - focus on presenting your introduction with argument, two body paragraphs and your conclusion.  This is a good frame that will allow us to deal with the essay as a whole.  After our draft workshop in class, Ms. Ginocchio and I will be available for individual conferences.

English II

Even though some of you were not in class today we will still have our overall quiz on Gogol's "The Overcoat" on Tuesday.  Use the link in the previous post to access the full text and to begin preparing yourself using the tips below to study.  If you've taken good notes and read the whole story you will be in good shape for this quiz.

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