Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Homework for All Classes - 14 and 15 September

All Students - Here are your reminders for the next class.

Russian II/III

Next class we will spend a lot of time reviewing for our exam on cases which is coming soon.  You should be spending time nightly drilling and memorizing case endings and constructions which will lead you to a better understanding of Russian.  To begin, make sure that your exercise packet is as complete as you can make it.  We'll start by fielding questions there before we move on.

Russian I

Continue to study your phonetics and handwriting for the coming exam on the alphabet.  We'll have our last day of practice on Wednesday.

English II

Using your copies of Gogol, go through the text and stay focused on finding new vocabulary words.  Write the words and the definitions at the bottom of the page if you don't have your bookmarks.  We'll spend some time reviewing before we move on.

AP English III

Continue your rereading and reexamination of Steinbeck.  For tonight, read and annotate chapters five through eight focusing on:

  • motif of person to animal and the American Dream
  • the use of irony in the text (grab bag)
  • the characterization of Ma and Jim Casy
    • pay special attention to Jim Casy's philosophy and how Ma responds to certain elements of it.
If you're interested in more about the Dust Bowl, check out the PBS Documentary which we looked at a bit in class.  Here's the link to it.

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