Thursday, April 9, 2015

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Students - 9 April 2015

Russian II

For the weekend you have your vocabulary studying to do; remember, thirty minutes a day to work on vocabulary to conjugate verbs and build sentences and to decline your nouns and adjectives into cases.  That's especially important as we're starting a new unit and we have a lot of new vocabulary to learn.

For homework, make sure that you complete exercise ten on the new phrase "each other" - focus on your forms.  There's a lot of advanced vocabulary in the sentences, just focus on your blanks!

Russian I

For the weekend you should also be looking at your new vocabulary.  Practice what we do every night so that it stays fresh in your brain.  This weekend you have three exercises to complete.  One will have you working by changing words into adverbs, one will ask you to fill in the blanks with new vocabulary, and the last asks you to combine sentences with the new conjunctions.  Be sure that with your conjunction exercise that you combine sentences and also translate the new sentences.

English II

You all have no homework this weekend but if you need to finish the project for Ms. Alley, make sure that you do that.  Remember the second paragraph of your writing; you need to make sure that you explain how your drawing shows the change in your character which you have seen.  In the first paragraph you explain how Kambili or Jaja changes in the text.  In the second paragraph you need to explain how your visual shows this change.

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