Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Day Homework - April 15, 2015

Sorry for getting this out later than usual; having three meetings threw a bit of a wrench in my plans.  Here's what you have to do tonight.

Russian I and II

We either discussed or began a project today to which we will be devoting time on Friday.  For Friday, come prepared to work on the dialogue or culture project.  Russian I, there will also be a dialogue component of your project to be discussed later.  Both classes will have library time on Friday to help work on this.

In terms of grammar and vocabulary, this is a great night to study in context.  Here is an episode of a Russian television show called Live Healthy!  Жить здорово!  It's about ninety minutes long, so maybe just watch a thirty minute clip.  Listen for words you can recognize.  Train your ears.  Listen for the grammar we've been studying recently.  Try to understand how it's being used in context.  Make a list of five to ten new words you hear being used often.  Look them up in a dictionary and check your spelling.  Try to work with these words in cases and conjugations you know.

You will have a quiz soon - use this time to study and prepare for that.  Russian II will focus on new grammar in Unit 8, Russian I will focus on adverbs and other covered topics from Unit 3.

English II

Tonight you have the writing of two Holocaust survivors who relocated to North Carolina after World War II.  They both experienced life in the ghetto:  the ghetto presents a very different experience from Anne's life in the Annex.  Read the two readings on the handout and as you read underline examples of the living conditions in the ghetto.  Compare this to what we know of Anne's life so far.  We'll be looking at more of Anne's transition into life in the Annex next class to further this conversation.

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