Thursday, April 23, 2015

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Students - 23 April 2015

Russian I and II

Next week all of you have project presentations on Wednesday.  For the weekend, you should be focused on your projects as I'll only be able to give you a bit of time on Monday to finish them in class.

I will have graded work returned to you next week.

Russian I students - I forgot to collect missing journals today.  Make sure that you have them for me on Monday.

English II

This weekend you all should be spending time working on your outlines for your essays.  If you have access to your Google Drive document which you started today, then you should continue to work on this document.  If you do not have access then you should work on paper so that you continue to move forward.  Remember the process here.  Find a fact or example.  Create a topic sentence for your paragraph which links the example to your idea about remembering a tragedy.  Then, make sure that you explain HOW your example helps you prove your point about remembering a tragedy.

Writing an essay is about following the same format in each of the body paragraphs.  Be sure that you are doing this.

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