Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students: 29 April 2015

Russian II

If you did not present your dialogue today then you will be presenting on Friday.  For the dialogue make sure that you have a copy of the script for me to review as I will be marking on it my notes for your grade.

Today in class we continued to review the distinctions between the different prepositions related to time.  Continue to study these tonight.  For homework, complete the exercise at the bottom of the practice sheet - exercise eight.  In this homework assignment I want you to write out the sentences and follow the instructions.  Look carefully, I did the homework during lunch and didn't see anything that will throw you for a loop.

Russian I

If you didn't present your country presentation today then you will be doing that on Friday too.  For homework, continue practicing with plurals as we did today in class.  Look through your vocabulary and make plurals.  We'll deal with exceptions soon enough.

English II

For homework tonight you should be working on your outlines.  If you would like/need you may use the film we watched today Escape from Sobibor or the text Night as one of the topics for your essay if you can use it.  Remember that I'll be looking for a full outline of your essay on Friday.  Make sure that it is complete.

Also remember that if you didn't turn in your work from today's timed writing and reflection activity that this is due from you on Friday as well.

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