Friday, April 10, 2015

Homework for the Weekend - B Day Students: 10 April 2015

AP English III

Remember ladies and gentlemen that you must always annotate what you read for my class.  Especially when I go through the trouble of writing you a blog post like the last one which is meant to help you make sense of things.  That being said, our discussion was really great.  Here's how to follow up:

  1. You may want to reread "The Allegory of the Cave" now that we've worked through it.  Maybe some of those questions will start to resolve themselves now.
  2. Read chapters twenty-two and twenty-three for our next class (Tuesday).  Keep in mind that the Invisible Man has now seen the sun, he's still got some growing to do before he's fully in the light; notice how he's changed.
English II

You all don't have any homework tonight but if you need to finish your project then make sure that's done by Tuesday so that you can turn it in to Ms. Alley.  Remember that your writing needs to have two paragraphs - one about the character and one about your visual.  If you left off the second paragraph then get it turned in Tuesday for no penalty.

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