Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students: 21 April 2015

Russian I and II

Both classes have quizzes next class on the first half of the current units.  Here are your focuses for study as you are preparing.

Russian I:  adjectives into adverbs, nouns into adverbs, the different types of adverbs (qualities and cultures), knowing your conjunctions and how they're used in sentences, the differences between the conjunctions, your chapter three vocabulary

Russian II:  the grammar points around "all", each other, one's own, and the reflexive pronoun "myself", you will need to know the main vocabulary from chapter eight, you will also need to know the cultural information about post offices and sending mail in Russia, studying the exercises in your textbook/notes from these grammar topics will be helpful.

Your projects will be presented next week - any of the time you have after the quiz on Thursday will be spent preparing your projects.

English II

Today in class we were able to complete the writing of our argument statements in class - the heart to any good essay.  Tonight you should make corrections to your argument statement if you didn't receive a check or you should be thinking of evidence to use to prove your argument is true.

To revise, make sure that you have the COUNTERARGUMENT plus the four answers to the questions.  This makes up your argument.

For evidence, think of texts, movies, or other ways of remembering you could use to prove your idea is true.  Are you going to use Anne Frank's diary or Hotel Rwanda as part of your essay?  How?  In what way do these texts help you to prove your idea about remembering tragedy?

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