Monday, April 20, 2015

Homework for B-Day Students: 4/20/2015

AP English III

The final due date for motif projects is now Tuesday, April 28th.  Please make sure to check-in and ask if you have any questions related to this project.  For tonight you have a few things to take care of in order to prepare for Wednesday:

  1. Look over your notes in preparing for the synthesis essay.  Remember that you've done this before, it's all about the argument.  They've done the research, they need you to prove the point.
  2. Read the Epilogue for Invisible Man - We'll take a look at that as a class on Wednesday.
  3. Friday will be our beginning for The Things They Carried.  I'll have copies that you can check out on Wednesday if you don't buy your own.
English II

Today we had some pretty great classes and I think that the reality of Anne's situation in the annex with her family sank in when we took the tour of the annex.  Remember this tour as we read her diary moving forward.  For tonight please make sure that you have answered all four parts of the essay prompt in our planning section.  Then, on the back, make sure to put your answers together into one sentence which answers the whole essay question.  Lastly, deal with the counterargument.  What is the opposite idea to your idea?  Is something else better?  Is forgetting the best?  We'll put this all together on Wednesday.

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