Monday, April 27, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students: 27 April 2015

Russian I and II:

You all have presentations due on Wednesday so make sure that you are prepared for these.

For Russian II, make sure that I get my own copy of the script to follow along with your presentation.  If you type the script then make sure that you have proofed it for spelling and grammar mistakes as these will count against you.

For Russian I, make sure that you have shared your presentation with me so that I already have it in Google Drive for Wednesday.  Use Russian words where you can, especially in places where you have ownership of the words.

English II:

Tonight, and for the rest of this week, you should be actively working on your outlines.  Remember that your Topic 2 and Topic 3 will need to be other texts or examples that you can use to prove your point about remembering tragedy.  Remember that you can't use a topic more than once, so if you've already written about Hotel Rwanda you'll need another movie for the other topics.  Your instructions for the topics and your key questions are in this document.  Please see me outside of class if you have questions as this is a very individual process and sometimes spending that five minutes with me at lunch is the best way to settle any questions you may have.

A-Day Students - Your outlines of all three topics are due on Friday.  Be sure to see me before Friday if you have questions!

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