Wednesday, April 22, 2015

B Day Homework and Reminders: 22 April 2015

AP English III

Today we had an abbreviated ending to Invisible Man, but it's all that we had time for unfortunately.  For tonight, you should be working in earnest on your motif projects as well as reading the first text of our next unit related to truth and reality in art.  The piece you're reading tonight is by Joan Didion and it's called "On Keeping a Notebook."  It's available in 50 Essays, first edition, or at this link.  Read the piece carefully and annotate.  Keep an eye on the idea of truth as Didion expresses it.

In addition, remember that if you have a missing assignment from Ms. Alley then you must get in touch with her about submitting that assignment.  Her email address is kta5duke (at) gmail (dot) com.

Your motif projects will be collected on Tuesday.  I hope that I'll have your timed writings done by then as well.

English II

Your homework is in the post below.  You should focus on either revising your argument statement so that it can earn a perfect score, or you should be working on finding evidence for your argument.  Remember to think of examples or moments that prove your idea to be true.  Could you use Anne's diary?  Hotel Rwanda?  A monument or day of remembrance that we've discussed in class?  We'll be in the computer lab next class to do some research and planning.

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