Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students: 7 April 2015 - Welcome Back to You!

Russian II

Tonight for homework you have to finish exercise six which will require you to use the forms of весь that we studied today in class.  You're going to find using your 6x4 declension chart really helpful for this.  Remember how we worked through number one and two - look at the word associated with the blank - identify the case and gender of this word - your form of весь will need to agree as весь is like an adjective.

Make sure that you write out all of the sentences - don't just fill in the blanks.  Writing the sentences out will help you to notice the grammar patterns like conjugation and declension that you need to keep working on.

If you would like some extension work, feel free to look at exercise three or two - these aren't required tonight, but we'll likely look at them soon.  Also, have your Винни Пух work done so that we can have some fun with him on Thursday too!

Russian I

Tonight for homework I want you to spend more time with your vocabulary - especially the adjectives.  Select five adjectives and turn them into adverbs following the two systems.  Use your notes for this.  Remember - change the endings!  When you've written out your two words - one from vocabulary and one from your creation then look at what you've done and explain the difference.  You may want to use a sentence with each word to help explain.  Here's an example of what I would like:

скучный - boring, adjective
Это мой скучный класс.  This describes the class saying it is boring.

скучно - boringly, adverb
Он скучно говорит.  This describes the way he talks - boringly.

By doing this you'll be working with ten words.  The idea here is to learn the system and the differences between parts of speech.

English II

Tonight you need to make sure that you have your project on Purple Hibiscus finished for Thursday's class.  Make sure that you have both the visual and the written portion complete.  This is your first major grade of the nine weeks; work hard and get yourself off to a good start to finish the year!

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